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Amazon KDP Kategorie - Belletristik


KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Sachbücher


KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Jugendliteratur

Juvenile Fiction

KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Sachbücher für Jugendliche

Juvenile Nonfiction

KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Comics und Bilderromane

Comics & Graphic Novels

KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Bildung und Nachschlagewerke

Education & Reference

KDP Category
Amazon KDP Kategorie - Literatursammlungen

Literary Collections


Target customers with the right KDP search category

Very few readers will enter the title of your book directly into the search bar on Amazon. To make sure that your work will still be found, you should assign it to the KDP book categories.

Browse categories, book categories or KDP categories are similar to the subdivisions of shelves in a bookstore. The books are sorted according to topics and categories. The reader can thus locate a particular work more quickly, or be inspired by what is on offer (depending on their interests).

A correct category assignment is therefore advisable. For example, if your book is online, the customer can follow the category path (under product details) to find your book.

To make sure your book is displayed in the right categories, choose the categories that best describe your bestseller 🙂.

THE ADVANTAGES OF gives Kindle Direct publishers of no-content, low-content and full-content books some advantages in finding the right Amazon KPD categories on the self-publishing platform.

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